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WP2 Kick- off meeting

WP2 Kick off meeting
On 9th and 10th June, the WP2  kick-off meeting was held in Madrid, hosted by Guardia Civil at the SEPRONA HQ (SErvicio PROteccion NAturaleza). The meeting represented a mid-term follow-up for the activities planned during the WP1 meeting in Rome and focussed on the approach for identifying vulnerabilities in the waste management process.
The WP1 experts, sharing the drafted deliverables, enlightened the complexity and ambiguity of environmental law and agreed on producing clear, concise and  simple deliverables to be really useful for police officers daily involved in fighting waste trafficking. 
During the meeting, the experts discussed about the Early Identification Handbook, which is the main deliverable of WP2, in order to define the context and the scope of the vulnerabilities analysis. 
It was strongly pointed out that investigating links between waste stream and money flows is a fundamental step in order to understand the real dimensions and consequences of this criminal phenomenon.
A focus was dedicated to the corporate dimension of illicit waste stream, which is an “high profit-low risk activity”, considering the economic anomalies and distortions caused by unfair competition and the low effectiveness of the criminal or administrative sanctions.
An important role in monitoring commercial waste stream is played by Customs and LEAs, which adopt an intelligence-led and proactive approach. 
The meeting was also focused on the planning of the trainings which are a pre-exercise for the most relevant activity of the Project, the final Joint Police Operation which will be carried out in the first half of 2017.