Tackling Environmental
Crime throUgh standardized



The rough operational data coming from the first EU Joint Police Operation (JPO) conducted in 2014 will be gathered and integrated with further primary findings, with a focus on the following dimensions: legislative and judicial; investigative procedures; intelligence – led policing. Following the analysis of the findings, a new investigation concept will be proposed for EU police services and relevant specialized Agencies staff members through the preparation and implementation of joint training sessions, with participants from all EU MS, relevant EU Agencies, Interpol and, potentially, third countries.


A panel of six experts specialized in various aspects of Organized Crime (OC) investigation, supported by four environmental crime experts, will perform a joint Desk Study on environmental crime risks in “general” OC investigations with the aim of producing an Environmental Crime Early Identification Handbook. The involvement of all actors will be ensured through a participatory workshop.


This WP answers to a double need: to enhance the visibility of the project towards beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders, as well as to stimulate the debate on evolutionary forms  of environmental crime.
The objectives of the WP will be achieved through the design and implementation of a Strategy for awareness raising and dissemination jointly with the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea, addressing respectively the two main purposes above outlined.


A new European Joint Police Operation (JPO) will be planned and organized taking advantage of the project means, deliverables and lessons learned. The Operation (and its results) are the key outcome of the project: all analytical and training efforts are put at the service of the operational needs, with tangible results of the EU support in fighting environmental crime.