Tackling Environmental
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From the 16th to the 20th of May, TECUM hosted in Rome its first operational workshop – a pillar on which the the project will build its end operational result.
Law Enforcement Officers from a relevant number of EU Member States and other partner countries, in particular countries having status of candidate or potential candidate for EU accession, met for discussing the results of TECUM analysis on legislative, investigative and intelligence-led dimensions of illicit waste trafficking.
The workshop goal was twofold: sharing and improving methodology as well as present and ameliorate the operational approach proposed by the project for the 2017 JPO.
TECUM experts, with the support of Europol and of Italian Customs, showed the most relevant challenges faced in fighting waste trafficking: different legislations and technical languages, investigate misalignment, lack of data sharing.
Starting from these bottlenecks, TECUM suggested a new standardised methodology, which has been discussed and partially applied during the workshop. The methodology can be considered a first step in empowering international police cooperation in the crucial sector of fight against the illicit waste trafficking and its evolutionary forms.