Tackling Environmental
Crime throUgh standardized



From 5th to 9th September, TECUM experts have met in Rome for the WP1 and WP2 last meetings during which the draft of deliverables were finalised and a deep discussion on trainings and JPO was conducted.

The profound debate has generated a brand new guideline and methodology for tackling illicit waste trafficking, oriented at suggesting standard law enforcement procedures by highlighting the different European approaches, one of the most serious obstacle to achieve JPO goals.

Basing on an intelligence-led approach, the experts analysed the vulnerabilities of both waste management and commercial streams with a specific focus on each actor, elaborating a description of the most common modi operandi of skilled criminals capable of tapping into the waste chain.

An important part of the meeting was dedicated to the discussion and planning of TECUM JPO, based on the same intelligence-driven approach and summarized in the Early Identification Handbook and the related Checklist.

Each participant will be suggested follow the methodology in order to check the operational transnational targets already identified and then find out the links with the organised criminal frameworks.