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Work-Package-1 kick-off meeting

On May, 4th and 5th, the Work-Package-1 kick-off meeting was held in Rome.

The legal, technical and investigative experts conveyed shared and compared for three days the results in the analysis of the first Joint Police Operation on waste trafficking carried out during Italian Presidency of the EU in 2014, identifying the legislative and operational gaps among national procedures emerged during the joint activities.

After a roundtable about the most relevant bottlenecks and positive outcomes, the experts were invited to an in-depth focus on legislative, investigative and intelligence-led dimensions of international operations against environmental crime, in order to prepare the drafting of the guidelines of the project. Once again, the analysis led to a common understanding of the importance of specialization of agencies involved and the harmonization of legislation and investigative methodologies employed to tackle environmental crime.

In addition, it is been pointed out that the illicit waste trafficking is often characterised by a corporate-crime dimension, because the illicit waste trafficking one of the most profitable ways used by criminal organizations to obtain illicit financial gains, e.g. fraudulently reducing disposal costs for companies. 

As an outcome of the two-days meeting, the working group agreed on the draft index of the handbooks and elaborated the next steps to be taken.

On 6th May, the experts shared their conclusions in a side-event during the TECUM International Conference and their operative proposals with the representatives from INTERPOL, EUROJUST and EEAS (European External Action Service) who offered their points of view also highlighting how the illicit waste trafficking actually affects countries outside the EU and, as a consequence, the external dimension of EU security. 

The high level of the results achieved will support the consortium team in the preparation of planning for the second JPO, and of the related guidelines and training materials.