Tackling Environmental
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Preparation of TECUM International Conference

“The human being and the environment: global challenges, protection and perspectives”

Carabinieri Officers School

Rome, 6th  -7th  May 2016

Project TECUM aims at carrying out a joint and coordinated operation at the European level to fight waste trafficking by criminal organizations. This will also be achieved by means of initiatives that intend to raise awareness on the results achieved and dedicated media campaigns.

It is within this context that Carabinieri Corps and State Forestry Corps have decided to organise an international conference on the environment, at Carabinieri Officers School, to enhance the two Corps’ respective commitment towards the protection of the environment. This will bring about a set of extraordinary skills and abilities that will blend in to create a new hub of excellence in the field of environmental protection and security.

The relevant Italian Ministers will take part to the conference, together with prominent speakers from the EU and Italian institutions, representatives of foreign governments and international organizations that are active in the field of the protection of the environment, such as CITES, FAO, EUROJUST, EUROPOL, INTERPOL, IPCC, NATO, UNEP, UNODC e WWF, university professors and other experts in the field.

The conference will articulate along three panels, focussing, respectively, on international Scenario, national Scenario and operational strategies for the protection of the Environment and future actions in the fight against environmental crimes. This panel will be comprised of high rank Italian judges and representative of EU and international bodies that are active, at the global level and on the field, in the fight against environmental crimes.