Tackling Environmental
Crime throUgh standardized



The consortium implementing the project is constituted by public and private organizations from four EU Member States (mostly active partners of the informal network “EnviCrimeNet”), plus a specialized Agency:

  • Italy (Comando Generale dell'Arma dei Carabinieri and Ministry of Environment Land and Sea)
  • Spain (SEPRONA - Guardia Civil)
  • Romania (National Environmental Guard of Romania)
  • Belgium (B&S Europe)
  • CEPOL 

One of the strenght of TECUM is the operational involvement in all phases of project implementation of all EU Member States representatives, as well as representatives of specialized agencies and representatives of third countries. In this sense, we can argue that the European Dimension of the project is EU-28 wide and beyond. The associate partner CEPOL will grant EU-wide reach of the training component of the project, and boots its sustainability at EU-28 level.

The presence of INTERPOL, EUROPOL and EUROJUST external operational Support will grant access to world-level analysis expertise for all WPs, in particular in context of preparation and implementation of the 2nd JPO.

Partner   Description
Comando Generale dell'Arma dei Carabinieri One of the 2 main Italian police forces, counting on 105.000 officers, with general competence in preventing and combating all crimes in the whole national territory. Carabinieri Special Operations Group (R.O.S.) is responsible for combating organized crime and terrorism. Environmental Protection Unit fights environmental crime as a new frontier of transnational organized crime. The Unit has investigative tasks on environmental crimes and is member of ENVICRIMENET. 
B&S Europe Business and Strategies Europe is a mid-size consulting firm with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and regional offices around the world - the Balkans, Africa, and Asia.Since its inception in 1991, B&S’s multi-national team has been designing, managing, and leading international development projects at a global scale. B&S Europe has developed impressive project references and a worldwide network of international experts and partners. Our clients include the European Commission and other multi-lateral donors including the World Bank Group as well as bi-lateral and private organizations world-wide.
Guardia Civil – SEPRONA  One of the 2 main Spanish police forces with general competence in preventing and combating all crimes. The Environmental Protection Command (SEPRONA) is in charge of looking after the enforcement of laws on preserving nature and the environment.
National Environmental Guard Romanian National Environmental Guard (NEG) is a specialized body for control and inspection, responsible for an effective, professional, unitary and integrated implementation of the Government policy according to the EU environment legislation.
MATTM  Protection of environmental and awareness rising on risks for its integrity
  CEPOL - supporting The European Police College (CEPOL) is an EU agency dedicated to providing training and learning opportunities to senior police officers.